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SamoDAO scholarships are excellent opportunities for curious individuals who are interested in researching a project alongside others, producing a report that they can call their own, go down in SamoDAO history, and get rewarded accordingly.

Who Should Participate?

If you're passionate about diving deep into projects and/or have a deep desire to better understand a project and produce a piece of content that you can be proud of, then SamoDAO scholarships are for you!

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The best part? You don't need to be an investing pro or professional writer to do so...

Marinade Finance

Marinade Finance ($MNDE)

Marinade Finance has come to market to solve the aforementioned problems on the Solana Network and further accelerate the adoption of the Layer-1 blockchain.

The Marinade Platform enables users to stake Solana's native token (SOL) via multiple product offers to help users earn rewards and help further decentralize Solana.

Compiled by : @GoodSamoSamo, @Quickscope40:

Hubble Image

Hubble Protocol ($HBB) & Kamino

Kamino is a first-of-its-kind DeFi protocol that unifies Lending, Liquidity, and Leverage into a single, secure DeFi product suite.

Hubble Protocol enables users to borrow USDH against multiple assets.Borrowing USDH allows users to access the liquidity in their long-term holding tokens.

Compiled by : @bartfomoshi.

Lifinity logo

Lifinity ($LFNTY & Lifinity Flares)

The first proactive market maker on #Solana designed to improve capital efficiency and reduce impermanent loss.

Compiled by : @goodsamosamo.

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